Get The Testimonials Your Business Deserves

Get Outrageous Client Testimonials That Position and Sell Your Products and Services

Testimonials have been used in advertising for hundreds of years to sell everything from cocaine to cars. As Dr Robert Cialdini explains, testimonials convince prospective customers, in a number of different ways, to do business with you.

Testimonials Make You Famous (and More Money)

powerful-testimonialsYour client testimonials can make you famous, at least in your market. When all of your clients are praising your business for the same thing, it can make you ‘famous’ for that particular thing. Whether its the high quality of finished goods or attentive customer service, by getting your customer to rave about your unique selling points your business will attract and convert other prospective customers who want the same thing.

So by getting the testimonials your business deserves, you not only make yourself and your business ‘famous’ for something unique, you also make more money by attracting and converting more customers.


Internet Provides Extra Benefit From Testimonials

Social media has enabled content to be shared online and go ‘viral’, reaching a wide network of people. When someone creates and shares content that goes viral, it is seen by many more people than that one person knows.

Make Your Testimonials Go Viral

Facebook LikesTestimonial Systems specializes in helping our clients to make this happen with their testimonials, regularly and systematically.

It takes three key elements for a client testimonial to go viral:

  1. The testimonial is great content, published correctly, that tells a story with accompanying pictures or video
  2. Website is correctly configured to interact with social media – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  3. Your client and others ‘like’, comment on and share the testimonial on social media, extending its reach to new network


Outrageous! Top and First Page Search Results With Testimonials

Outrageous Search ResultsStop using those testimonial widgets! Stop devaluing your testimonials!

When your testimonials are published on your website with our proven system, you will get outrageous top and first page search results for the sort of wide-ranging keywords your prospective customers are actually using, not just the two phrases your SEO guy has been slaving away on.

Best of all, outrageous search results and the traffic they generate needn’t cost you a dime!

Testimonial Landing Pages – Targeted Softer Sell, Stronger Results

Bringing visitors to your website to a landing page that screams “Buy Our Stuff!” can be heavy handed when compared to our system. Bringing prospective customers instead to a landing page that is targeted to their search, with a detailed testimonial that positions your business, is a softer yet highly effective way to attract and convert your ideal client or customer.