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Why Having A System For Collecting Testimonials Is The Only Sensible Way To Do It

Testimonials are the most powerful marketing you can have. Instead of telling your potential customers what you do and how good you are, testimonials provide social proof from your previous customers that you are as good as, or better than your word.

Business owners who understand the value of testimonials are often looking for the best way to go about collecting them. The strategy you’ll most often hear suggested is to ‘ask for them.’

This is certainly a strategy that can be effective on a one-on-one basis but it requires a lot of effort. When personally asked by a business owner to provide a testimonial, satisfied clients are often happy to do so, even enthusiastic about providing one to let other potential clients know why they should buy from this great business instead of another. However, the approach of ‘asking for the testimonial’ usually requires some sort of personal connection with each client and the time available to be able to do this.

Implementing A System For Testimonials Makes It Easy

Testimonial SystemWhat’s infinitely more effective is to implement a system that ensures every single client is consistently asked for a testimonial at the right time and in the right way. A system with processes, procedures, and scripting designed to have your employees say and do the right thing at the right time to get testimonials from every single client is one that guarantees that your clients hand you their testimonials automatically. With a system, the task of getting testimonials isn’t just easy, it’s something you no longer have to even think about.

Clients Hand You Testimonials Automatically

Imagine having your clients automatically hand you a testimonial when their purchase has been taken care of. A system for collecting testimonials automatically can be implemented in almost any business. Here are just a few examples.

  • Accountancy practice
  • Construction company
  • Catering company
  • Training company
  • Car dealership
  • Real estate agent
  • Business coach or consultant

Instead of chasing your clients for a testimonial, repeatedly following up with them to get their feedback so that you can give your marketing a boost, a system which orchestrates your clients handing them to you automatically will completely eliminate the chore of getting them. You can put all your energy into all the creative ways you can use those testimonials in your marketing with all the free time you’ll have as a result of your system.

When you think about the other systems you have in your business, such as a marketing system, a sales system and perhaps even a system for how the office building is checked each night before the doors are locked, it makes sense to develop and implement a system for collecting testimonials. Your systems for sales and marketing take away the guesswork so that your employees can focus on following the system to promote your business and turn prospective clients into paying clients. It’s no different with testimonials. A system takes away the guesswork and the heavy lifting so that anyone in your business can achieve your goal of collecting testimonials from your satisfied and delighted clients. Processes, procedures and and scripting make it simple for them to follow so that you as the business owner can invest your time and efforts in running your business. The system means that anyone can do it and no-one is indispensable. It no longer has to be you who has to ask your clients for testimonials. Your team can follow your system and make it happen for you.

Other Advantages From A Testimonials System

Asking clients for testimonials one at a time poses other challenges. When you put someone on the spot to say something positive about your business what they’ll often say is that you’re a “nice person” and that they would “do business with you again.” That’s because they really don’t know what to say and that’s the first thing that usually comes to mind. Having testimonials like that for your business are better than having no testimonials at all, but not by much.

Some business owners like to write the testimonials themselves and then ask their clients to sign them and send them back on a letterhead. That’s one way to get what you want but again it’s very time consuming.

Testimonials Consistent With Your Marketing Message

By implementing a system that choreographs your clients handing you their testimonials automatically, you can also provide them with a framework that makes it easy for them to give you something that is much more powerful marketing for you business. Framing the client’s testimonial by asking a series of questions makes their responses much more specific. Using cleverly loaded questions, that already assume the client’s answer, will give you testimonials that are consistent with your other marketing activities.

Testimonials Focus On Your USP

A business with a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP), designed to attract ideal clients, can ask questions based around that USP. The business can then predict with certainty what their testimonials will say and be confident that they will reinforce their existing marketing message.

For example, a law firm that promotes itself as having ‘staff that are approachable and easy to talk to’  can ask its clients:

“How did our team make themselves approachable and easy to talk to about your case?”

The client can answer any way they want and fill in the blanks that explain why the team members were approachable and easy to talk to. Each client will answer this question in their own way, every testimonial will be different. But they will all have a consistent theme about ‘approachable staff who are easy to talk to’.

Testimonials Make You Famous

If everyone says the same thing about you, then you can become famous for that thing. So the law firm that has every client testimonial talk about ‘staff that are approachable and easy to talk to’  can become famous for exactly that. All that’s needed is the right set of questions to ask each client.

Why leave to chance what your clients will say in their testimonials about your business when you can be confident of a consistent message in each one, when you can guarantee what each testimonial will say? All it takes is the planning of your questions you ask.

What all this means is that the quality and quantity of testimonials you get for your business are totally transformed when you’ve got a thoroughly thought-through system to get them – a system that is conceived and polished before your next client even makes contact with your company.

Just as you know how you are going to market your business by following your marketing system, and just as you know how your employees  will close each sale by following your sales system, you can be certain of the results from your testimonials system. You can be confident that your employees can follow it to collect testimonials from every client reinforce your carefully developed marketing message.

Once you realize this is easy to achieve, you’ll wonder why you never did it before.

Pete Primeau Finds Pure Gold in Testimonial Strategy

Pete Primeau sold beds and mattresses in retail before becoming an independent sales representative, supplying other retailers with Southerland Mattresses, Protect-A-Bed mattresses protectors and other products.

Trading as Primeau Furniture Sales, Pete is one of the highest performing independent reps for Southerland Mattresses in the entire USA.

Pete approached Simon Aronowitz, the CEO of Testimonial Systems, for help with testimonials.

At first, all Pete knew was that he needed testimonials. Beyond that, everything else was a mystery. Pete had no idea what his clients would say or, more to the point, what he wanted them to say. He had no idea how to go about getting his testimonials and little idea of how he would use them.

Simon provided consultation to Pete to develop the themes of his testimonials and strategies for collecting them, both on video and in writing.

Simon also worked with Pete to identify ways to use his testimonials to bring him more business from his ideal clients.

Pete Primeau

Pete Primeau

“Never in my life would I ever pay anyone that much per hour for coaching on anything!

“But Simon Aronowitz was worth every penny and then some.

Would Pay Twice That!

“You’ll hate me for saying this but knowing what I know now I would pay Simon twice that!

“Simon is truly a cyclone of creative marketing genius. I read the notes that he sent me from our hour together a dozen times and listened to the recording of our call twice that many times.

Pure Gold

“All I can say is it was pure gold to my business.

Simon truly cares about my results. This much passion and creativity are rarely found in one person.

“If you are wondering if you should consult with Simon my answer is ‘Hurry before everyone discovers how brilliant Simon is’.

“I can guarantee you that very soon Simon wouldn’t be available for these calls at any price.”


Pete Primeau, Primeau Furniture Sales
Cleveland, OH
9th June 2013


“Making Clients Be More Awesome Helps Me Feel Awesome Too” says Expert Marketer Adam Hommey

Adam Hommey is the founder and creator of Help My Website Sell, providing coaching to companies and entrepreneurs to help them master internet marketing so that they make more sales.

Adam’s business provides coaching through one-on-one sessions, group sessions and personalized video tutorials, giving those who want to master internet marketing, conversions and sales every tool they need to become successful.

At the beginning of July the CEO of Testimonial Systems, Simon Aronowitz, enjoyed an hour long conversation with Adam, during which they shared ideas about marketing, communication and testimonials. Simon promised to make Adam’s day more awesome with the phone call and Adam agrees that Simon delivered on his promise.

Made My Day More Awesome

Adam Hommey

Adam Hommey

Simon made my day more awesome by opening my eyes to a new way of relating to people on their own level and helping them see your point of view.

I also loved the story Simon told me about being British here in the USA and the first thing people do is complain about the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.  His response is always “Bless David Cameron, maybe it will help him do a better job.”

In short: take anything that’s a negative and with a quick language change, turn it into a force to help others shine.

Tony Alessandra’s “Platinum Rule” in action!

Make More Money With Testimonials

Simon showed me how to make more money with testimonials by adding new power to what I already share in my content coaching programs. The best way to get people to tell you how they love your services is to create an environment where they can talk freely, get excited about their business, and reflect upon how you made the difference that made their business more awesome.

Just yesterday, I did a follow-up call with one of my Website Review clients. I sensed his excitement over how much more awesome his website will be, and all the great things he will accomplish, now that his web team is implementing my recommendations. The more he spoke, the more I felt the awesomeness. Aside from helping him be more awesome, it helps ME be more awesome because I know what’s on his heart and mind and this shows me how others will benefit, too.

Knows About Making Money with Testimonials

Simon knows more about making money with testimonials than anyone else because he knows the power of Awesome. When you get your satisfied customers to feel awesome about you, they are more likely to tell their friends in a conversational and passionate way that gets their friends saying “Maybe I should call them too.”

This goes a lot further than the usual testimonial which usually reads like “Samantha always called me back and did what she said she was going to do.”

One Idea Boosts Results 50% For Music Industry Veteran Kevin J Ryan

Kevin J Ryan is a 30 year veteran of the music industry. Having worked in almost every aspect of the music business, he has been at the forefront of music business developments since the 1970s.

Kevin has shared his experience and understanding of the music industry in his book ‘How To Make Money In Music,’ offering aspiring musicians a simple and successful strategy to get the recording deal they’re chasing.

Kevin knows Simon Aronowitz, the CEO of Testimonial Systems, through the GKIC London Group, where both attend the regular monthly marketing meetings. In April, Simon gave a short presentation to the GKIC London Group about testimonials and following the meeting, Kevin decided to implement one idea that Simon gave him.

Kevin J Ryan

Kevin J Ryan

Results Went Up 50% Immediately

Simon gave me one suggestion for my testimonials which I tried on the landing page of the website for my book. The opt-ins to my offer were transformed!

Results went up 50% immediately.

Nothing about my offer had changed except Simon’s one suggestion.

Your follow-up recommendation? Guess what? I’m implementing it immediately!

Thanks again for your valuable help and advice.


- Kevin J Ryan – 20th May 2013
Author, ‘How To Make Money in Music”
Debenham, Suffolk

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Why Testimonials Are So Important For Your Business

Testimonials are not a new phenomenon.

Phineas T. Barnum

Phineas T. Barnum, one of the earliest advocates of testimonials

Long before the internet, testimonials were used to sell everything from face cream to the fantastic claims of Phineas T. Barnum.

David Ogilvy, one of the original ‘Mad Men’, said “Readers find the endorsements of fellow consumers more persuasive than the puffery of anonymous copywriters.”

Many business owners already understand that testimonials provide ‘social proof’, which is one of the six ‘Principles of Influence’ in Dr Robert B. Cialidini’s book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’. It’s a simple concept that’s easy understand:

‘Don’t believe what I say, instead believe what other people say’

What many business owners don’t realize is what else testimonials can do for their business.

Specifics Give Testimonials More Power

Specific details make testimonials more powerful and believable, like saying “sales increased 151%” instead of just “sales increased.”

Whatever it is that makes your business unique is a specific detail. It’s usually those specifics that business owners use to differentiate their businesses.

How do you differentiate your business from your competitors? What is it that your business does different or better? How do you add magic to your customer’s experience?

What are the specific details that should be included in your client or customer testimonials?

Testimonials Make You Famous

When you’ve built a business that prides itself on being different, testimonials help make you famous for that difference. Why would you want testimonials that merely offer vague generalities like ‘great company’ when your testimonials could be praising your difference.

Rather than just being one of the specific details of the client’s testimonial, it could be the headline, the entire theme of what they’re saying.

Imagine how powerful it could be to be known as ‘The Fastest Plumber in Brooklyn, NY’ or the consultant who offers a ‘3 x Return on Investment Guarantee’.

The social proof of others, all repeating the same consistent message about your company, can make your business famous for that difference.

Attract Your Ideal Customer

Testimonials provide a showcase of your customers for prospective customers to see. By enabling your ideal customer to identify with previous customers through their testimonials, they can say to themselves “That’s just like me” and “This could work for me too”. The more information you provide which identifies an aspect common to your ideal clients, the easier you make it for them to do so.

What is it about each customer, or what did you do for them, that will instantly chime with prospective ideal customers?

Perhaps being unique or specializing in a particular segment or niche in a market is the whole reason your customers choose your business. If so, your testimonials should enable other prospective customers  from that segment to identify with them.

Bringing Testimonials Up-to-Date

In his new book, ‘The Untapped Goldmine in Your Business’, Simon Aronowitz, the CEO of Testimonial Systems, lays out a formula for collecting and using testimonials in the modern age.

Simon explains how testimonials:

  • Can be used to gain you top and first page search results
  • Can be re-purposed to increase your conversions
  • Can be used to generate social media interaction and promotion of your business
  • Can be used to get you reviews on independent websites like Google and Yelp

Simon’s formula takes away the guess-work when implementing testimonials in your marketing, opening up the Untapped Goldmine in Your Business to Skyrocket Your Sales, providing a consistent return on investment.

The Untapped Goldmine in YOUR Business

Testimonial Systems can help you open up the Untapped Goldmine in Your Business. We help business capitalize on the use of testimonials, with information, consultancy, systems, training and done-for-you services.

It’s simple to implement a complete system in your business for collecting and using testimonials with our system-in-a-box Testimonial Machine info-product.

If you’re too busy to create your own system with Testimonial Machine, we can develop one for you. One-to-one consultations will enable us to tailor a testimonials system to the exact requirements of your business.

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