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One Idea Boosts Results 50% For Music Industry Veteran Kevin J Ryan

Kevin J Ryan is a 30 year veteran of the music industry. Having worked in almost every aspect of the music business, he has been at the forefront of music business developments since the 1970s.

Kevin has shared his experience and understanding of the music industry in his book ‘How To Make Money In Music,’ offering aspiring musicians a simple and successful strategy to get the recording deal they’re chasing.

Kevin knows Simon Aronowitz, the CEO of Testimonial Systems, through the GKIC London Group, where both attend the regular monthly marketing meetings. In April, Simon gave a short presentation to the GKIC London Group about testimonials and following the meeting, Kevin decided to implement one idea that Simon gave him.

Kevin J Ryan

Kevin J Ryan

Results Went Up 50% Immediately

Simon gave me one suggestion for my testimonials which I tried on the landing page of the website for my book. The opt-ins to my offer were transformed!

Results went up 50% immediately.

Nothing about my offer had changed except Simon’s one suggestion.

Your follow-up recommendation? Guess what? I’m implementing it immediately!

Thanks again for your valuable help and advice.


- Kevin J Ryan – 20th May 2013
Author, ‘How To Make Money in Music”
Debenham, Suffolk

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