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Pete Primeau Finds Pure Gold in Testimonial Strategy

Pete Primeau sold beds and mattresses in retail before becoming an independent sales representative, supplying other retailers with Southerland Mattresses, Protect-A-Bed mattresses protectors and other products.

Trading as Primeau Furniture Sales, Pete is one of the highest performing independent reps for Southerland Mattresses in the entire USA.

Pete approached Simon Aronowitz, the CEO of Testimonial Systems, for help with testimonials.

At first, all Pete knew was that he needed testimonials. Beyond that, everything else was a mystery. Pete had no idea what his clients would say or, more to the point, what he wanted them to say. He had no idea how to go about getting his testimonials and little idea of how he would use them.

Simon provided consultation to Pete to develop the themes of his testimonials and strategies for collecting them, both on video and in writing.

Simon also worked with Pete to identify ways to use his testimonials to bring him more business from his ideal clients.

Pete Primeau

Pete Primeau

“Never in my life would I ever pay anyone that much per hour for coaching on anything!

“But Simon Aronowitz was worth every penny and then some.

Would Pay Twice That!

“You’ll hate me for saying this but knowing what I know now I would pay Simon twice that!

“Simon is truly a cyclone of creative marketing genius. I read the notes that he sent me from our hour together a dozen times and listened to the recording of our call twice that many times.

Pure Gold

“All I can say is it was pure gold to my business.

Simon truly cares about my results. This much passion and creativity are rarely found in one person.

“If you are wondering if you should consult with Simon my answer is ‘Hurry before everyone discovers how brilliant Simon is’.

“I can guarantee you that very soon Simon wouldn’t be available for these calls at any price.”


Pete Primeau, Primeau Furniture Sales
Cleveland, OH
9th June 2013


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