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Why Testimonials Are So Important For Your Business

Testimonials are not a new phenomenon.

Phineas T. Barnum

Phineas T. Barnum, one of the earliest advocates of testimonials

Long before the internet, testimonials were used to sell everything from face cream to the fantastic claims of Phineas T. Barnum.

David Ogilvy, one of the original ‘Mad Men’, said “Readers find the endorsements of fellow consumers more persuasive than the puffery of anonymous copywriters.”

Many business owners already understand that testimonials provide ‘social proof’, which is one of the six ‘Principles of Influence’ in Dr Robert B. Cialidini’s book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’. It’s a simple concept that’s easy understand:

‘Don’t believe what I say, instead believe what other people say’

What many business owners don’t realize is what else testimonials can do for their business.

Specifics Give Testimonials More Power

Specific details make testimonials more powerful and believable, like saying “sales increased 151%” instead of just “sales increased.”

Whatever it is that makes your business unique is a specific detail. It’s usually those specifics that business owners use to differentiate their businesses.

How do you differentiate your business from your competitors? What is it that your business does different or better? How do you add magic to your customer’s experience?

What are the specific details that should be included in your client or customer testimonials?

Testimonials Make You Famous

When you’ve built a business that prides itself on being different, testimonials help make you famous for that difference. Why would you want testimonials that merely offer vague generalities like ‘great company’ when your testimonials could be praising your difference.

Rather than just being one of the specific details of the client’s testimonial, it could be the headline, the entire theme of what they’re saying.

Imagine how powerful it could be to be known as ‘The Fastest Plumber in Brooklyn, NY’ or the consultant who offers a ‘3 x Return on Investment Guarantee’.

The social proof of others, all repeating the same consistent message about your company, can make your business famous for that difference.

Attract Your Ideal Customer

Testimonials provide a showcase of your customers for prospective customers to see. By enabling your ideal customer to identify with previous customers through their testimonials, they can say to themselves “That’s just like me” and “This could work for me too”. The more information you provide which identifies an aspect common to your ideal clients, the easier you make it for them to do so.

What is it about each customer, or what did you do for them, that will instantly chime with prospective ideal customers?

Perhaps being unique or specializing in a particular segment or niche in a market is the whole reason your customers choose your business. If so, your testimonials should enable other prospective customers  from that segment to identify with them.

Bringing Testimonials Up-to-Date

In his new book, ‘The Untapped Goldmine in Your Business’, Simon Aronowitz, the CEO of Testimonial Systems, lays out a formula for collecting and using testimonials in the modern age.

Simon explains how testimonials:

  • Can be used to gain you top and first page search results
  • Can be re-purposed to increase your conversions
  • Can be used to generate social media interaction and promotion of your business
  • Can be used to get you reviews on independent websites like Google and Yelp

Simon’s formula takes away the guess-work when implementing testimonials in your marketing, opening up the Untapped Goldmine in Your Business to Skyrocket Your Sales, providing a consistent return on investment.

The Untapped Goldmine in YOUR Business

Testimonial Systems can help you open up the Untapped Goldmine in Your Business. We help business capitalize on the use of testimonials, with information, consultancy, systems, training and done-for-you services.

It’s simple to implement a complete system in your business for collecting and using testimonials with our system-in-a-box Testimonial Machine info-product.

If you’re too busy to create your own system with Testimonial Machine, we can develop one for you. One-to-one consultations will enable us to tailor a testimonials system to the exact requirements of your business.

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